"The Great Gatsby"
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Great Gatsby Films

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For every amazing book comes the movie adaption of it. The Great Gatsby has been adapted into two versions. One was released in 1974 with lead characters Robert Redford (Gatsby), Mia Farrow (Daisy), Bruce Dern (Tom), Sam Waterston (Nick), Karen Black (Myrtle), Scott Wilson (George), and Lois Chiles (Jordan). This version of the famous novel stayed true to how the book was written. Most of the scenes were acted with verbatim from the book. When I watched it, I remembered some of the lines from the reading. Though, the 1974 film didn't stray from the original publishing, the scenes didn't seem to flow together. The transitions weren't fluid and added a black cut screen every so often which made the movie somewhat boring at times. Nevertheless, it was still a great film to the end and should be cherished by millions who love the novel.

The other version, which is the most current one, was released in 2000. This version had leads Toby Stephens (Gatsby), Paul Rudd (Nick), Mira Sorvino (Daisy), Martin Donovan (Tom Buchanan), Heather Goldenhersh (Myrtle), William Camp (George), and Francie Swift (Jordan). This "Great Gatsby" film didn't go in order of the novel and had scenes from the end at the beginning and rearranged many of the scenes altogether. This adaption was a more fresher version and some of the attire people were wearing was a more modern look. This "Great Gatsby" was a good version, but lacks order and one who has only watched it will not get it the first time. In conclusion, the Gatsby films are good adaptions that retell this fabulous American tale of the 1920s.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Selfish People

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Many selfish acts happen in the Great Gatsby. Like when Gatsby wanted Nick to invite Daisy over to his house, Myrtle being with wealthy Tom Buchanan, Daisy goes of with Gatsby while still being married to Tom, and George Wilson kills Gatsby, who didn't really kill Myrtle. With wealth comes selfish pleasures and consequences. Two of the most selfish people in the novel are Tom and Myrtle. Tom is dissatisfied with Daisy and confides in Myrtle Wilson's love. He gives her everything and she takes it without a second thought. As for Myrtle, she uses Tom Buchanan's money to get what pleases her. For example, getting lavish dresses and a dog in the middle of the street while Tom was driving. It seems this couple is one of the most selfish people in the book.

Also, the main character, Gatsby, is to obsessed and selfish to realize Daisy's feelings have moved on. Though they might have known each other in the past, their lives our different and things in between happened that they can't erase. Gatsby wants so much to fix everything. To make things his way and have Daisy in his life instead of Tom. Also, Mr. Wilson kills Gatsby just because he assumed her killed Myrtle with his car which in fact he was not driving. In conclusion, selfish people shape the world of the Great Gatsby.

"The Great Gatsby" - F. Scott Fitzgerald