"The Great Gatsby"
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, May 10, 2010

the 1920's!

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the 1920's were a time of prosperity and corruption. However, some things that changed for the better were toys, sports, and leisure. Mark Twain deemed it the " gilded age" because underneath the surface lied corruption and poverty. which we will talk about later.
In the 1920's cars were a big part of society.As in the case of Jay Gatsby's car, they would often represent wealth within the family. Because cars were new, not many people had had them before. However, when Henry Ford created the assembly line he was then able to make cars at a less expensive price so that more people could get them!
The toys in the 1920's became more advanced, and often began resembling cars. Never before had they had cars, and with this invention, toys advanced as well
Sports were also a large part of culture in the 1920's. The world series was rigged in 1919. and-in the 20's people began to have doubts about the sincerity of people in the sports industry.
Jay Gatsby had a nice car, and had had lunch with the man who rigged the world series. To me this is kind of fishy. And this leads me to believe that Jay Gatsby is weird.
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