"The Great Gatsby"
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

East vs. West Eggs

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The sides of East Egg and West Egg are an important factor in the Great Gatsby. These two places symbolize the wealthy class and the middle class. East Egg, Long Island is mainly made up of the higher-paying class and West Egg, Long Island is mainly made up of the middle class. Jay Gatsby, though the very definition of rich, lives in West Egg right next to Nick Carraway. During this time period, social standing meant everything from what you wore, what you drove, which people were your friends, and finally what you were drinking.

The East and West Eggs also symbolized the separation as well as the desires of Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby's love for Daisy has been long overdue and Daisy has "moved on." How the bay separates the two Eggs and the use of the green light show how close Gatsby's desires are to him. However, for many years he couldn't show his feelings because he was afraid of her rejection and didn't know how to approach her properly. He sought Nick's help when he heard Nick knew Daisy and invited her to his house where Gatsby waited for her arrival. All in all, the two Eggs symbolized separation, social class, and wanting.


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